Hello factory, supplier, distributor, wholesaler!

Did you know you just wasted your money, time and energy just for doing an order process by manually?

  • LOTS OF WASTED TIME: Among the entire order process, there is a lot of time consuming by taking care incoming orders, as they often order to you in various ways (chat, phone, email, fax) so you must do a record and recap by manually.

  • MUST CHOOSE LINE-OF-PRODUCTION MANUALLY: You must also sorted those order and tagged it into each warehouse or production line then submit to warehouse people.
  • Imagine that order can be done by a day, must done several days because those process above!

  • LOST OF WASTED COST: You hire staff just to do a manual recaps while he can assign to other productive things in your company
  • Another wasted cost: Electricity, humand resources, production overhead, phone cost, all because of manual process.

  • LOTS OF MANUAL PROCESS: You must calculate the amount of discount rate for each buyer, your buyer ask their order status then you must check it manually, creating Delivery Order, creating invoice. Too many manual process will impact on your revenue!

  • PENDING REVENUE: If you can handle your order process faster, then you can deliver goods faster, then you can get paid faster. But using manual process, you will get paid longer.
  • Another loss potential that you might get because you don't have any clue of which buyer still have a payment outstanding while you just keep sending them goods.