Unlimited Buyer

No matter how many buyers you have, you can add them into ORDERMATIX so then all of your buyer will be able to do an order

Real-time Sales Report

You are able to know updated revenue, most sold product, most active buyer, and all with real-time!

Manage Discount Rate

You can easily setting different discount rate for each of your buyer. The price they will see on product catalog will be automatically calculated following their discount rate.

Region-based Pricing

You can also set a different price for same product on different region. Your buyer will see price depend on their region.

Automatic Delivery Order

Delivery Order will automatically created after product is ready to send. No need to create delivery order manually using spreadsheet.

Automatic Invoice

Invoice will automatically created when delivery has been done. You may see which pending invoice and paid invoice.

Do you have a more specific requirement for your business process? We can customize it for you!

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