Problems when handling an incoming order:

Let say you are a factory, or a supplier, or a wholesaler, or an agent. Currently your buyer do an order to you using many sources; by phone, write manually, sending fax, by chat or by email. How do you control the order from the beginning, create invoice until payment. Manually?

Well, lots of losses if you still using manual process. Uncontrolled order, wasted time to check and many other losses. Now it is your time to switch to digital solution.

Solution? Meet ORDERMATIX!

ORDERMATIX is an online ordering software to manange order process between factory, supplier, distributor, agent and wholesaler. We help you to create a faster and transparent order process until delivery and payment. If you can create faster order process, you will get faster payment from your buyer.

One important thing is, you don't need to buy servers and IT infrastructures. Just use our cloud, subscribe and use it.

We focus on order

Focus in managing your order process, we commit to deliver an application just to improve your business and order process.


ORDERMATIX is accessible from many devices: PC, laptop, tablet or android smartphone with a browser.

Simple is happy :)

ORDERMATIX has a simple user interface yet easy to use by your team. We designed each module to be easy to navigate.

Cloud atau On-premise? Yes!

You can deploy ORDERMATIX on your own infrastructure if you already have it, or simply just subscribe to our cloud-based application.

Centralized Data

Worry about data spreaded anywhere? With ORDERMATIX, all data is stored in one-centralized database so you don't have to worry about your data location.

Transparent and Real-time

As a owner or manager, you are able to see the order process by real-time, all is accessible from your laptop/gadget.

Who must use this solution?

+ Factory, which order came from Distributor or Wholesaler +
+ Supplier, which order came from Buyer +
+ Distributor, which order came from Agent/Wholesaler +
+ Wholesaler, which order came from Agent +
+ Multi Level Marketing, which order came from its Agent +
+ Other industry which order came from your buyer +